31 January 2009

Ah fuck

by Maverick W.

This disgusting, I mean despicable. Oh you mean the picture? No I'm talking about the fact that Social Conservatives have gutted and fried the GOP's electability.

Huckabee ruined chances of a GOP win in 2008. His anti-Mormon bigoted voter base screwed the GOP out of the nomination of Mitt Romney, who in light of the economic crisis would have slaughtered Obama. The only thing the DP could hit him on was personal attacks (something the McCain camp did), things like "Oh he's just too happy" or attack Mormonism and truly show how desperate some Dems can be. Of course with Huckabee screwing the GOP over on Romney, he himself was unelectable. So, they got stuck with McCain and Obama thus became our 44th.

Now it seems the GOP is dying in division, very much like how the first Whig Party did. 

I predict in a future presidential election, there WILL be NO GOP candidate at all. 

I predict it will be the first election where there is more than two parties that have candidates who people have actually heard of and will vote for. 

It will not be Republican vs. Democrat. Instead it will be Democrat vs. Constitutionalist vs. Modern Whig vs. Independent(if one runs) vs. Libertarian(if they lose the Ron Paul shtick).

Yes that's right, that's how it will go down, the Micheal Steele crowd/RINOs will come to us Modern Whigs as many did after the 2008 race. The hard-headed Religious Right and Social Conservatives will flock the Constitution Party. And after Libertarian Conservatives are done chanting "WHAT ABOUT BUILDING 7?" and foaming at the mouth while denouncing Bush and Obama, they will all return to the LP from whence they were engineered. And then the two party system will end in its chapter of American history. That is how the elephant will be shot, maimed, anally probed, and left for on a Republican red plate at the Bush family dinner table.