17 January 2009

Getting certain Republican Factions for the MWP

by Maverick W.

"What was da you b4 you done all dat wig wearing stuff?"

Well Mr. Vice President-elect, I'll tell you.

I was what you call a South Park Republican. After McCain lost "OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED THE PARTY!" "YOU BASTARD MCCAINIACS!"

I was also a National Security Republican, who subscribes to Neolibertarianism mostly.

And I still bring my Neolibertarian stances to the table when talking politics and I still describe myself that way. But I am also now a transpartisan of the Modern Whig Party. 

After being a Republican tired me out - I went a searching for a party that fitted me, alas, I found it. The Modern Whig Party. 

Today I was wondering today, what kind of Republicans can the MWP attract the most.

I've created a list of possible GOP factions that could go for being Modern Whigs.

Key: Sure shot- pretty good chance, good shot- Play your cards right and they will come, somewhat good shot- It's not like god will stop us from trying to appeal to them right?, No Chance In Republican Hell- Don't even bother.

Religious Right- somewhat good shot

Social Conservatives- No Chance In Republican Hell

Fiscal Conservatives- Sure shot

Neoconservatives- good shot

National Security Republicans- Sure shot

States' rights supporters- Sure shot

Paleoconservativessomewhat good shot

Libertarian Conservatives & South Park Republicans- good shot

"Dat... dat... hold on... *gulp* *gulp* Dat it bish?" 

Yes Biden, dat it.