27 January 2009

My Favorite Bush

by Maverick W.

Yes, that's right. I think Bush is a good man. So suck my balls if you don't like it. Yet, I know someone is bounded to go down and comment "BUT DON'T YOU KNOW HE'S A FASCIST? ZOMG11!113" I honestly don't give a MOTHER FUCKING SHIT ABOUT YOUR OPINION.

Yes, I don't actually have to you see, allow me to elaborate:


And there you go.

I actually think the man is a cowboy, and I know someone will say "OH WELL HE DROPPED THAT SHTICK".

Do you even know what a shtick is? I thought you didn't. Look at him and you can tell he is a cowboy, and that is why the far-left hates him. The fact that Obama seems like such a nice person is why the far-right hates him.

I saw Bush's cowboy persona when he was standing next to Obama after the inauguration, it was obvious. 

I also agree with his doctrine, brute preemptive force DOES work. This country has not been attacked since 9/11 and I thank Bush for that. I mean look at Obama, he WILL be continuing it.

So everyone who is still attacking Bush because they think he is an evil Jew globalist, and still thinking Obama is an evil Muslim Manchurian candidate: