30 January 2009

We are coming for you(partisanship)...

by Maverick W.

The GOP has been called "The party of opposition"

The Democratic Party has been called the "Party of unity". (I may be wrong on that, please correct me if I am)

The Libertarian Party calls it self the "Party of principle"

I am sorry to tell you, but the Modern Whig Party is the "Party for the rest of us". Meaning when you take away each fringe, partisan, uncontrolled lobbyist, racist, communist, and conspiracy theorist, you are simply left with the American people.

This is the voter base on which the MWP wishes to draw upon, we are forming our movement, we are rolling along, and we are gaining ground. I am confident that the rest of us, the freedom loving, good charactered, common sense thinking People of the United States of America WILL have THEIR voices heard. They are the elephants who stomp all over everything, they are the donkeys who are stubborn and hate true unity... we are the wise owl who wants to help you.