17 January 2009


by Maverick W.

Hello, I am the Modern Whig Maverick. Some of you may know me from the MWP Forum. Here on this blog I'll be talking about why Bush Haters, Obama haters, Ron Paul supporters, and neo-Nazi repubics SUCK BALLS. Yes that's right I'll be cursing, cursing the fuck out of this blog.

Now from all the stuff on this blog, you ask, "Do you not like Bush?"

What are you talking about? I am proud of our president.

"So then you hate Obama right?"

No, I think he is a good minded man who loves his family.

"How can you like both Bush and Obama?" You ask. Well, aren't we American? Aren't those two guys Americans too? Why can't I like both? Yes, Bush messed up in some areas, and yes, Obama will mess up in some areas. But I am proud that President Bush protected this nation from the Tangos after the attacks of 9/11. 

"WHAT ABOUT BUILDING 7 MAV!!!!!!! BUILDING 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Now, I know you're all pissy that your mom and dad didn't get you that Barbie you wanted. But srsly, STFU OR GTFO.

Now on Obama, I am proud of the fact that he has come from relatively nothing and has now been propelled to the most powerful position in the world. This is the essenceof what makes America a great nation.

Remember, I am a Modern Whig. I am middle of the ground, non-fringe, and non-partisan. 

Unlike all the Olbys and Billos. Though I give Billo some small extra points for at least bringing on people who oppose his view (how come everyone on your show ALWAYS agrees with you Olby?), both of them are either Libtarded or a Repubic hair.

You see, where Billo uses lies, blind party-loyalty and fear-tactics to promote all things Republican, Olby uses lies, blind party-loyalty, and fear-tactics to promote all things Democrat.

"YOU SIR ARE A FACIST AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF SJHGSKHGFPIWUVKHSB VKJBFOIUBHVOYBE IBFEIBSYfdslk'';jlrefpeiowjgoieanbkljfsanbieonrg[ihregoubnrgub[uqgn][q045hg=058hgrebhna-erung-459vungbn45]=gh08hgefaoigpoeqrjgporegpoirhgdofigfldjgh;lrktgrepoghpofeihgeoprghopri" *changes camera angle... again*

O RLY? Well why don't you go suck Rachel Maddow's (more like Rachel MANdow, Amirite fellas?) cleverly hidden penis. 


YA RLY, do it live so everyone can see you doing that shit. 

So in review, Bush haters and Obama haters suck total dick and never get any thing done for this country. 

Let's see, what else I should cover today... oh yes that's right:




^^^^^^For you, yes you, you know who you are...

Yes well that should cover everything for now, until later, I am the Modern Whig Maverick telling you to get the fuck out and shut the fuck up. Thank you.