11 March 2009

Wayne Allyn Root: Evil neocon imperialist or the right man for the job?

by Maverick W.


Well, originallyI thought Root was just another freaky isolationist of LP. But I now I would like to endorse him because of the following reasons:

  1. Ron Paul freaks think he is a neoconservative zionist
  2. Stronger on defense than most libertarians
  3. Would be the first Jewish president (I'm not a jew, but I think it would be cool)
  4. Citizen politician
  5. Is an avid laissez-faire capitalist
  6. Much more sensible libertarian
  7. Has an actual plan to get elected (in 2020, which is fine and also realistic)
  8. Actually has the balls as an libertarian to criticize Ron Paul (and thus attacked)
  9. Never seen him foaming at the mouth about some conspiracy related B.S. 

He sounds very much like a neolibertarian to me, if I would have known more about him I would have supported Barr's campaign this past election season (goddamn hockey moms I tell ya, they're just the sweetest pieces of ass, but so fucking dumb).  Once he was elected to the VP slot, the Ron Paulies quickly denounced him saying "this was a neocon take over of the LP". Even though he is no where near neocon, but very neolibertarian indeed. Based on the picture above he would not only be the first jew in the white house, he would also be the Player in a management profession (PIMP) in the white house. It certainly would be fucking sweet to see hooter's girls, strippers, magicians, and luchadors coming down Pennsylvania Avenue for a visit to the WH. The only thing I feel to criticize him on is his graphics (you know how that shit pisses me off). I just simply don't like his campaign logo. It doesn't even look serious or credible, which is what this man is. 

So I have taken the liberty in making a new one for him, tell me what you think: