31 January 2009

Ah fuck

by Maverick W.

This disgusting, I mean despicable. Oh you mean the picture? No I'm talking about the fact that Social Conservatives have gutted and fried the GOP's electability.

Huckabee ruined chances of a GOP win in 2008. His anti-Mormon bigoted voter base screwed the GOP out of the nomination of Mitt Romney, who in light of the economic crisis would have slaughtered Obama. The only thing the DP could hit him on was personal attacks (something the McCain camp did), things like "Oh he's just too happy" or attack Mormonism and truly show how desperate some Dems can be. Of course with Huckabee screwing the GOP over on Romney, he himself was unelectable. So, they got stuck with McCain and Obama thus became our 44th.

Now it seems the GOP is dying in division, very much like how the first Whig Party did. 

I predict in a future presidential election, there WILL be NO GOP candidate at all. 

I predict it will be the first election where there is more than two parties that have candidates who people have actually heard of and will vote for. 

It will not be Republican vs. Democrat. Instead it will be Democrat vs. Constitutionalist vs. Modern Whig vs. Independent(if one runs) vs. Libertarian(if they lose the Ron Paul shtick).

Yes that's right, that's how it will go down, the Micheal Steele crowd/RINOs will come to us Modern Whigs as many did after the 2008 race. The hard-headed Religious Right and Social Conservatives will flock the Constitution Party. And after Libertarian Conservatives are done chanting "WHAT ABOUT BUILDING 7?" and foaming at the mouth while denouncing Bush and Obama, they will all return to the LP from whence they were engineered. And then the two party system will end in its chapter of American history. That is how the elephant will be shot, maimed, anally probed, and left for on a Republican red plate at the Bush family dinner table.

30 January 2009

We are coming for you(partisanship)...

by Maverick W.

The GOP has been called "The party of opposition"

The Democratic Party has been called the "Party of unity". (I may be wrong on that, please correct me if I am)

The Libertarian Party calls it self the "Party of principle"

I am sorry to tell you, but the Modern Whig Party is the "Party for the rest of us". Meaning when you take away each fringe, partisan, uncontrolled lobbyist, racist, communist, and conspiracy theorist, you are simply left with the American people.

This is the voter base on which the MWP wishes to draw upon, we are forming our movement, we are rolling along, and we are gaining ground. I am confident that the rest of us, the freedom loving, good charactered, common sense thinking People of the United States of America WILL have THEIR voices heard. They are the elephants who stomp all over everything, they are the donkeys who are stubborn and hate true unity... we are the wise owl who wants to help you.

28 January 2009

National Security Profile: The Multi-Mission Cutter Helicopter

by Maverick W.

Explanation of NatSecPro:

OK so, I'm starting a series of national security concentrated posts chronicling the efforts of our brave men and women to protect the greatest nation in the world. I will give statistics of the subject, a scenario that shows its applications, and photos! At the end I will give my personal thoughts on it, and then rate it using Osama Bin Laden! 1 Osama = poor, 2 Osamas = disadvantaged, 3 Osamas = an aceptable ability, 4 Osamas = very good, and 5 Osamas = outstanding!

-Images via Flickr

Interdictions, The Bear, and HITRON:

"Crewmembers from the Coast Guard Cutter Bear offloaded approximately 3,200 pounds of cocaine at Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Thursday, March 27, between 8 and 10 a.m. The drugs were seized during a recent law enforcement patrol in international waters north of Panama. This marked the second successful interdiction involving the upgraded MH-65C Dolphin helicopter. 
The case began when a Coast Guard C-130 Hercules fixed-wing aircrew from Air Station Clearwater, Fla., conducting law-enforcement patrols in the Western Caribbean Sea, sighted a suspicious go-fast vessel on March 18. When the smugglers knew that they had been detected, the go-fast vessel immediately departed the scene at a high rate of speed. 

The Coast Guard Cutter Bear dispatched its embarked MH-65C Dolphin helicopter aircrew from the Coast Guard Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron (HITRON) in Jacksonville, Fla., to stop the vessel. The Bear also launched one of the its small boats with a law-enforcement team onboard. 

Confronted by some of the Coast Guard's most advanced interdiction platforms and technology, the smugglers aboard the targeted go-fast vessel began dumping bales overboard and continued to flee. 

The HITRON aircrew, flying an MH-65C multi-mission cutter helicopter (MCH) with airborne use of force (AUF) equipment, fired warning shots to try and stop the go-fast. While the smugglers and go-fast eventually evaded capture, the Bear's boarding team recovered 50 bales of cocaine with an estimated value of $100 million. 
HITRON, based at Coast Guard Air Station, Jacksonville, Fla., recently transitioned to the MH-65C. (Once AUF capability is added to a helicopter, the HH-65C’s mission designation is changed to MH-65C. The MH-65Cs will replace 10 Stingrays at HITRON, and they will take over HITRON’s role, which is primarily counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism.) The armed Dolphin provides aircrews upgraded radio capabilities, a heads-up-display to enhance night operations, and an Electro-optical Sensor System to enhance detection capabilities. This MH-65C helicopter also has two new engines; each upgraded engine (the Turbomeca Arriel 2C2-CG turboshaft engine) has 40 percent more power and allows the helicopter to continue flying even if one of the two engines fails. 

These upgrades were installed by the Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate and the Aviation Repair and Supply Center at Elizabeth City, N.C. The upgrades were part of phase one of the 3-phased MCH modernization project, which is being funded by the Acquisition Directorate.
The MCH project’s second phase will modernize aging and obsolete systems essential to safe flight, and install a flight deck recovery and traversing system (for use aboard new ships, such as the National Security Cutter). The third phase will modernize the helicopters’ automatic flight control system and cockpit avionics. When all three phases are complete, the helicopters will be designated as the MCH, denoting their multi-mission capabilities. These improvements will enhance the Coast Guard’s ability to stop drug smugglers.

The Coast Guard Cutter Bear is a 270-foot Medium Endurance Cutter based in Portsmouth, Va."

Length: 44' 5"
Wing/Rotor Span: 39.2 ' 
Max. Take-off Wt.: 9,480 LBS
Payload Wt. (w/fuel): 1,887 LBS 
Empty Weight: 6,333 LBS 
Fuel Capacity: 2,164 LBS (1969 LB)
Max Airspeed: 160 KTAS 
Cruise Speed: 120 KTAS 
Economy Speed: 75 KTAS 
Service Ceiling : 15,000 FT / 7,150 FT Hover
Max Endurance: 2.9 HRS 
Max Range: 600 NM 
Operational Radius: 178 NM
Propulsion Type: Turbomecca Arriel 2C2 (LTS-101)
Number of Engines: (2)

My Thoughts:

Look, I know I am partial towards the Coast Guard, but this aircraft seems like a great idea for defending to the homeland!

These Tupperwolves (a nickname for the Dolphin) seem like just what we need in this GWOT environment. Advanced technology, advanced tactics, good old fashioned sharp shooting, and a recently teethed Dolphin. The perfect match to take down Tangos and Narcos! 

The only disadvantage is that it is not as agile as its papa, the MH-68A. But I feel the ability and advanced tactics, training, and technology out weigh that. Good machine, good training, and a good crew is what brings the mission towards success. This is what the people at HITRON JAX will be getting. Another problem is the fact that it cannot stay out very long, that is countered with HIFR (Helicopter In-Flight Refueling). HIFR, a variation of aerial refueling when a naval helicopter approaches a warship, in this case a Coast Guard Cutter (not necessarily suited for landing operations), and receives fuel through the cabin while hovering. This increases its operational time limit and range. So it is very obvious that the Coast Guard's MCH is a very qualified helo for defending the homeland and our freedoms and has all the resources needed to sustain itself. I also see some possibility with it escorting MH-60J/T Jayhawks that are carrying Boarding Officers into a high risk environment or situation as a fast react/attack gunship.


27 January 2009

My Favorite Bush

by Maverick W.

Yes, that's right. I think Bush is a good man. So suck my balls if you don't like it. Yet, I know someone is bounded to go down and comment "BUT DON'T YOU KNOW HE'S A FASCIST? ZOMG11!113" I honestly don't give a MOTHER FUCKING SHIT ABOUT YOUR OPINION.

Yes, I don't actually have to you see, allow me to elaborate:


And there you go.

I actually think the man is a cowboy, and I know someone will say "OH WELL HE DROPPED THAT SHTICK".

Do you even know what a shtick is? I thought you didn't. Look at him and you can tell he is a cowboy, and that is why the far-left hates him. The fact that Obama seems like such a nice person is why the far-right hates him.

I saw Bush's cowboy persona when he was standing next to Obama after the inauguration, it was obvious. 

I also agree with his doctrine, brute preemptive force DOES work. This country has not been attacked since 9/11 and I thank Bush for that. I mean look at Obama, he WILL be continuing it.

So everyone who is still attacking Bush because they think he is an evil Jew globalist, and still thinking Obama is an evil Muslim Manchurian candidate: