12 March 2009

We love freedom of speech, so we're gonna shut you up!

by Maverick W.

-Carol Moore, that's hot. (false)

Well, since she deleted the neolibertarian article at wikipeida, thus destroying neolibertarians' right to exist as an ideology, a user named ApocalypseNow115 on wikipeida tried to bring the neolibertarian article back first starting with a section is the main libertarian article. He wrote a bad one at first, but then revised it and shortened it down and it was actually a pretty good description. But miss Moore (ironic last name huh?) wasn't having that. She tried to state that he had something to do with a post at Libertarian Defense Caucus that criticized her, and tried to claim that he was marking "self-published" content as his sources. I can vogue for one, that ApocalypseNow 115 has nothing to do with my blog and I have never met or even spoken to ApocalypseNow115. As for the other neolibertarian sites Apocalypse sourced, they'll have to come out themselves and announce they are not him. But then after Moore was done chastising an actually fair wikipeida user, some nut hole (most likely Moore) did a very unfair thing and removed about half of the section and change this sentence "Neolibertarians advocate maximizing civil liberties while upholding national security objectives." to "Neolibertarians advocate maximizing civil liberties while upholding authoritarian national security objectives." Which basically asserts neolibertarianism is "authoritarian"  or "fascist" to the average person. 

Now, I ask my readers, please take a wonder at the post title link to Moore's blog, read all you want and come back.


Ok, so based off of that BS, we can tell Moore is the one who doesn't deserve to create and edit wikipedia articles because she is obviously biased in her actions, she doesn't care about fairness and simply wants to silence the neolibertarian (she'll refer to it as "fascist zionist neocons") ideology. What honestly makes you think she is fair in editing? As far as I've seen, she's been pushing her agenda (like a neocon ironically) to make radical anti-war libertarianism seem like it's "AWWWWWRIGHT".

So you know what we have to say to you Moore? How come you can state your opinions, protest things, and be biased, but we can't even be given the common courtesy of being called an ideology? Are you miss Moore a neocon? You sure sound like one (you use these terms to divide us as Americans against each other, so now I shall do the same to you).

11 March 2009

Wayne Allyn Root: Evil neocon imperialist or the right man for the job?

by Maverick W.


Well, originallyI thought Root was just another freaky isolationist of LP. But I now I would like to endorse him because of the following reasons:

  1. Ron Paul freaks think he is a neoconservative zionist
  2. Stronger on defense than most libertarians
  3. Would be the first Jewish president (I'm not a jew, but I think it would be cool)
  4. Citizen politician
  5. Is an avid laissez-faire capitalist
  6. Much more sensible libertarian
  7. Has an actual plan to get elected (in 2020, which is fine and also realistic)
  8. Actually has the balls as an libertarian to criticize Ron Paul (and thus attacked)
  9. Never seen him foaming at the mouth about some conspiracy related B.S. 

He sounds very much like a neolibertarian to me, if I would have known more about him I would have supported Barr's campaign this past election season (goddamn hockey moms I tell ya, they're just the sweetest pieces of ass, but so fucking dumb).  Once he was elected to the VP slot, the Ron Paulies quickly denounced him saying "this was a neocon take over of the LP". Even though he is no where near neocon, but very neolibertarian indeed. Based on the picture above he would not only be the first jew in the white house, he would also be the Player in a management profession (PIMP) in the white house. It certainly would be fucking sweet to see hooter's girls, strippers, magicians, and luchadors coming down Pennsylvania Avenue for a visit to the WH. The only thing I feel to criticize him on is his graphics (you know how that shit pisses me off). I just simply don't like his campaign logo. It doesn't even look serious or credible, which is what this man is. 

So I have taken the liberty in making a new one for him, tell me what you think: